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Live Results :    There are no events currently in progress that are publishing live results.

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2019 Victorian IOM State Championship

Latest News

Kiwi's Lay Down The Challenge
The Waikato Radio Yacht Club will be host to this years 2019 New Zealand IOM Championship at Hamilton, NZL and it would appear that the Kiwi's are throwing out a challenge to any Aussie's looking to cross the ditch for three days of sailing against New Zealand's best!
16 Jul 2019 17:25

Being first at the top mark, how important is it?
The QRYA has been recording races for over two years.  This article is the first attempt at extracting further value from these recordings to inform RC sailors.  Ten races were video recorded of the 13 completed at the DF95 Invitational on the Gold Coast 30 June 2019.  This is what happened.
14 Jul 2019 05:03

Introducing the A Fleet App
There are a multitude of scoring software applications available, however very few adapted for radio sailing. Well now there is!
10 Jul 2019 10:14

Queensland Marblehead Championships 2019
Well the Qld Marblehead Champs have been run and won.  After the first couple of races it was clear to see what the outcome of the two days will be.
09 Jul 2019 17:03

IOMs Set for Five Days of Solid Top Level Racing
Two major events over two weekends will see five days of solid top level racing with the 2019 Victorian IOM State Championship in Yarrawonga on the weekend of 27-28 July followed by the Sunshine Coast IOM Regatta on the Sunshine Coast over 02-04 August.
02 Jul 2019 13:25

2019 DF95 Gold Coast Invitation
Paradise Radio Yacht Club had the pleasure of hosting the inaugural DF95 Gold Coast Invitation at Emerald Lakes on Sunday 30th June. Sixteen keen sailors arrived to find there was not a drop of wind to be had in any direction. This prompted Allan Young the PRO to suggest we get into the sausage sizzle in the hope the wind came which it did for 5 minutes then disappeared again. 
01 Jul 2019 11:04

Queensland Honours Two Greats
At the QRYA Annual General Meeting 16th June, Col Cameron, one of the best known radio yachtsman in Queensland and Ian Ashe, a stalwart of Queensland Radio Sailing were presented with Life Membership of the QRYA.
21 Jun 2019 09:24

DF65 Going From Strength to Strength
The DF65 Class is run by the Australian DF65 Radio Sailing Association Inc and continues to build a very strong following with over 435 boats registered in Australia and almost 180 in NSW.
20 Jun 2019 23:34


Australian Rankings (Top 10)

Our top sailors of each class

International One Metre

1. Sean Wallis (WA)
2. Paul Jones (NSW)
3. Scott Fleming (VIC)
4. Ross Bennett (WA)
5. Lindsay Walker (NSW)
6. Doug Allen (QLD)
7. Aaron Farrar (QLD)
8. Tim Brown (QLD)
9. Robert Mews (WA)
10. Andrew Reid (VIC)
International Marblehead

1. Scott Mitchell (SA)
2. Ray Joyce (TAS)
3. Kirwan Robb (VIC)
4. Paul Littledyke (SA)
5. Brett Osborn (SA)
6. Andrew Reid (VIC)
7. Scott Condie (NSW)
8. Scott Fleming (VIC)
9. Jason Nasmith (QLD)
10. Trevor Fisher (QLD)
International Ten Rater

1. Greg Torpy (QLD)
2. Ross Bennett (WA)
3. Andrew Reid (VIC)
4. Ben Taylor (NSW)
5. S. Sedgeman (ACT)
6. Phil Page (NSW)
7. Roger Paul (WA)
8. Joe Roos (ACT)
9. Trevor Fisher (QLD)
10. Glenn Dawson (WA)
International A Class

1. Brian Dill (NSW)
2. Warren Norrie (NSW)
3. Roger Paul (WA)
4. Denton Roberts (WA)
5. Selwyn Holland (NSW)
6. Ralph Hyman (NSW)
7. L. Hinchcliff (QLD)
8. Glenn Dawson (WA)
9. Simon Ellis (WA)
10. Gary Taylor (QLD)