10R's Head to Lake Macquarie for 2018 NSW Interclub Regatta

Aug 28, 2018

Edwards Park on beautiful Lake Macquarie was the location for the 2018 Interclub for 10 Rater yachts hosted by the Lake Macquarie Radio Yacht Club. The event was held on Saturday and Sunday, Scratch on Saturday, and Handicap on Sunday over the weekend of 25/26 August.

Arnold Grant, the PRO, set a predominantly windward/leeward course with the top mark comprising a clearance buoy and the bottom mark being a gate allowing sailors to split strategies.

Weather for Saturday was mixed with rapidly approaching low pressure system causing varying wind speed and direction. Starting with a gusty northerly, the wind died before a strong nor’easter kicked in with a healthy swell coming across the lake. A rigs were eventually chosen and rigs were adjusted for winds around the top of A rig. The event was fortunate as storms were forming throughout the day to the north-east, north–west, and south. The storm to the south, not 30klms away, eventually producing large hailstones in the late afternoon at the south of the lake.

Sunday offered a completely different story with flat water, a slight nor’easter eventually turning sou’-sou’-easter. A rigs were chosen by all who stayed and test their light wind skills (and patience). Those who stayed over from the Saturday and had a distance to travel wisely deciding to hit the road.


Results – Saturday

The more important ranking event for Saturday comprised of eleven (11) starters over thirteen (13) scratch start races. First and second was basically a two-horse race with the rest of the field fighting over third place.

Stephen Sedgemen, with his beautiful Sanga, eventually proved too good for Phil Page with his Diamond - but only by eight (8) points. Steve, with only third place discards proved consistency is the key. The pair regularly swapped the lead with a fair amount of match racing going on. A dead heat for third between Joe Roos and Maurice Fletcher – going to Joe on countback.

Results – Sunday

The handicap event comprised of 8 starters over 9 races. The lack of races due to the lack of breeze causing a later start. First went to Andrew Holly on seventeen (17), Garry Blick on eighteen (18), and Greg Mence on twenty (20). Fluky conditions proving luck was a big factor for some, and unfortunately bad for others. The flat water also suiting the fat bellied rocker of the Gothix with porpoising not being a problem.

With every regatta, it could be someone’s first as it was for Phil Eyles who received some good results as he gained experience over the weekend with his very nice P6.  He was also mentored, whether he like it or not, by Phil Page – this being fairly amusing. Kudos must go to Garry Blick for sailing well with great sportsmanship to pick up a second place.

Lake Macquarie Radio Yacht Club wishes to thank participants who travelled long distances, we would also like to offer great appreciation to volunteers for making this event a pleasure to attend.

 Mitch Gibbs






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